[Win32utils-devel] Rails, WEBrick, win32-file-stat issue

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 09:46:44 EDT 2008

Park Heesob wrote:
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>>>>> That's the same problem.
>>>>> If you modify FormatMessage to FormatMessageA (#423 of error.rb),
>>>>> It works fine.
>>>> I guess all Windows error messages are in English anyway.
>>> Unless Vista
>>>> changed things. :)
>>> I guess you are correct only in the English version.
>>> In my Windows XP, the error messages are in Korean. :)
>> Oh? I didn't know that.
>> FormatMessageA won't work for you then, will it? I changed
>> get_last_error not too long ago so that I thought it would work either
>> with -Ku or not. If you have a suggested refactoring, I'm listening. :)
> As I mentioned before, FormatMessageA works for me.
> It returns the ansi character set (euckr aka ksc5601).
> I guess FormatMessageA should work for all languages.

Ok, I changed it to FormatMessageA, and released that change as part of 
windows-pr 0.9.1.

Also, I released win32-file-stat 1.2.8 with the wide character support 
last night.



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