[Win32utils-devel] Some more win32-security: SID.create

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 23:55:08 EDT 2008



> That is just ruby version of the following code:
>       long j;
>        for( j = 2; j <= lcAuths+1; j++)
>        {
>            DWORD dwValue = (DWORD)atol(pAuths[j]);
>            PDWORD pdwSubAuth = GetSidSubAuthority( pLocalSid, (j-2));
>            *pdwSubAuth = dwValue;
>        }
> Why do you think that did nothing?

I guess I misread it. Nevermind. :)

I did remove the [0,1,2,3,5] loop, though.

I do need some help with testing please. I've added some more tests in
CVS, but I wasn't sure what a good way was to test SID.create with
subauthorities. Any suggestions?



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