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2008/7/8 Berger, Daniel <Daniel.Berger at qwest.com>:
> Hi everyone, I'm back from vacation.
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> <snip old stuff>
>> I have implemented it as you expected :)
>> After adding following two lines to the security.rb:
>>       API.new('GetSecurityInfo', 'LLLPPPPP', 'L', 'advapi32')
>>       API.new('SetSecurityInfo', 'LLLPPPP', 'L', 'advapi32')
>> Here is a working code for change_owner and get_owner :
> <snip cool code>
> Excellent, thanks!
> I think what I'll do is add this to win32-file 0.5.6, and just make
> these methods private for now.
> My ultimate plan, however, is to separate the security related functions
> into a separate win32-security library, modelled after Perl's
> Win32::Security module, which you can find at
> http://search.cpan.org/~teverett/Win32-Security-0.50/, and/or Python's
> win32security library. I have some non-working skeleton code for
> win32-security in CVS, but I need to think about the interface more
> before publishing it.
> I may have brought this up before, but I can't remember now.
> Anyay, once we publish win32-security, we'll make it a requirement for
> win32-file (among others) and use its interface instead of a bunch of
> internal, private methods in order to keep the code base a bit more
> maintainable and easier to read.
> The next major upgrade I have planned is to make our libraries more
> Unicode friendly, which means lots of manual string handling via
> multi_to_wide and so forth. The example that inspired me was
> http://tinyurl.com/6e473w.
I can't find any example :)

> Sound like a plan?
Please let me know your idea about unicode handling.


Park Heesob

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