[Win32utils-devel] A generalized struct implementation for windows-api

Berger, Daniel Daniel.Berger at qwest.com
Thu Apr 24 10:13:37 EDT 2008

After yet another win32-process bug, I've decided that we need some form
of generalized struct handling for use with the windows-api library
instead of packing and unpacking data structures manually.
We currently do stuff like this:
proc_info = 0.chr * 16 # sizeof(PROCESS_INFORMATION)
Process.create(... proc_info ...)
I would like a way to generalize the creation of these structures.
Something like this:
require 'win32/struct'
   :hProcess    => HANDLE,
   :hThread     => HANDLE,
   :dwProcessId => DWORD,
   :dwThreadId  => DWORD

And, with that in place, we could then write:
Process.create(... proc_info ...)

The struct would automatically handle the packing/unpacking behind the
scenes based on the data type that was declared in the constructor.
It's easier to read and easier to maintain, IMO. And, we could predefine
a bunch of the most common structures in advance so that users wouldn't
have to do this themselves. They would be immediately available.

This could probably be an addon to the windows-api library already out

What do you think?



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