[Win32utils-devel] WinRuby?

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 12:40:39 EDT 2007

On 10/8/07, Patrick Hurley <phurley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Missing git is not the end of the world. They provide an SVN mirror,
> you cannot commit from it, but that may be enough for porting to
> windows.

I know is not the end of the world. But providing patches using svn
diff instead of git could be problematic (found the strip (-p1) option
too complicated when working with different VCS).

> I personally believe that Rubinius has the best internal
> design of any of the "future ruby" implementations -- time will tell
> if it pays off. Evan seems like a very reasonable guy and I would
> expect he would welcome porting support to Win32 -- but he is
> reasonably concentrating on the platforms on which he develops, and
> the tool chain used on those platforms.

I agree on that Rubinius is just an amazing project, and is growing at
huge rate. Tried it myself a few weeks back on linux and I must say
I'm impressed.

Also I understand that you must focus on the task (get it working in
the platform he uses) than trying to debug it everywhere before.

We should keep on eye on it and maybe provide specs to the language (I
checked out the mspec and the spec folder to try it with MRI 1.8).

For the time being, 1.8.x is 'production ready' on win32, could be
enhanced and get better features.

Luis Lavena
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