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> I've been working on a library called ruby-wmi, that is 
> basically just an abstraction layer around wmi.  I'm a 
> windows sys admin, and I use wmi scripts a lot at work.
> My code looks like this:
> disks = WMI::Win32_LogicalDisk.find(:all, :conditions => 
> {:drivetype => 5})
> It's supposed to mimic the active_record interface, and it 
> works pretty well.

Hey, I like that.

> My next thought was to do something like this:
> disks = Win32::LogicalDisk.find(:all, :conditions => 
> {:drivetype => 5})
> Which I liked a lot, but then I realized that I might be stepping on a
> namespace that was already in use.   That's why I'm posting here.
> Should I not do this?  Is it a bad idea?

How about this:

Win32::WMI::LogicalDisk.find(:all, :conditions => {:drivetype => 5})

And, if you 'include Win32', it boils down to:

WMI::LogicalDisk.find(:all, :conditions => {:drivetype => 5})

I think this approach makes sense, i.e. WMI is part of Win32, and
LogicalDisk is part of WMI.

Mind you, I certainly don't own the Win32 namespace so you can do as you
wish, but I think this is the best approach, as it puts your code
effectively under the "Win32::WMI" namespace, which should eliminate any
potential namespace conflicts.

What do you think?



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