[Win32utils-devel] Fun things to do while I take a break

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 17:23:22 EST 2007


I need a break from coding for a while. At least until after Christmas 
vacation. But, if you want to work on some code while I hibernate, I've 
got a list of things for you:

* Finish converting daemon.c (from win32-service) to pure Ruby 
(partially complete)

* Finish converting win32-changejournal to pure Ruby (partially complete)

* Convert win32-open3 to pure Ruby. Ditch the Windows 95/98/ME support.

* Create a pure Ruby version of zlib 1.2.x :)

* Any other enhancements to Win32Utils stuff you would like to see



PS - I will still fix any critical bugs, however.

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