[Win32utils-devel] Process.create with logon issue

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 22:07:12 EST 2007

Heesob Park wrote:


>      > What's your result? any error message? or just nothing?
>     I tried this on WinXP Home:
>     struct = Process.create(
>        :app_name         => "notepad.exe",
>        :with_logon       => 'foo',
>        :password         => 'xxxx',
>        :domain           => 'MYDOMAIN'
>     )
>     (Note that I didn't set the flags explicitly - the docs say the
>     CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP flags are enabled by default).
>     The result was:
>     The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because
>     it has no enabled devices associated with it.: CreateProcess() failed:
>     (Process::Error)
>     That error is junk - the number (1058) must just happen to match a
>     service error.
>     Maybe it's a Home vs Pro issue? Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.
> That's strange. On my WinXP Home, your test code works fine also.
> What result wtih another domain like "." or nil?
> It works same with whatever domain even with nil in my case.

I can only guess that I've shut off some service that this function 
requires, but I don't see anything documented.

Ah, well. If you say it works, then I'll release it. :)



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