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Thu Dec 6 18:00:06 EST 2007

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> Heesob Park wrote:
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> > Though it is doubtful whether this is the cause or not, 
> Insert flowing 
> > two lines before ProcessInfo.new (line #409 of
> > process.rb) might be helpful.
> >  
> >       CloseHandle(procinfo[8,4].unpack('L').first)
> >       CloseHandle(procinfo[12,4].unpack('L').first)
> I'm somewhat afraid to do that, because I can't be sure other 
> people aren't using the process handle afterwards.
> At the very least I should document that, however. Hmm, let 
> me mull it over.

Ok, what if we add a "close_handles" option to Process.create? If set to
true (the default), we'll close the handles automatically before
returning from the method. Users could explicitly set it to false if
they want to keep the handles open.

Seem reasonable?


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