[Win32utils-devel] Some more win32-changenotify analysis

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 15:32:00 EDT 2007

On 8/8/07, Heesob Park <phasis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,


> I googled and found a Delphi version.
> I ported it into Ruby and in my test, it can catch all events.
> It requires CreateIoCompletionPort  and GetQueuedCompletionStatus API
> function.
> I also found a bug releated with aquiring next offset of fni at
> get_file_action.

<snip code>

Very nice. I'll try this out soon.

On a side note, after looking at the docs for CreateIoCompletionPort
and GetQueuedCompletionStatus, isn't that how Kernel#select ought to
be implemented for MS Windows? I don't understand the sockets API
they're using.

Perhaps it's a backwards compatibility issue (95/98/ME). Mega bonus
points if you can solve the Kernel#select blocking issue on MS
Windows, since we only care about NT. :)


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