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Berger, Daniel Daniel.Berger at qwest.com
Mon Oct 30 08:32:21 EST 2006

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> On 10/27/06, Daniel Berger <djberg96 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > What do folks think of using WScript.Shell like this?
> In general I love it -- the pure Ruby code is succinct and 
> easy to understand (as it lays on top of a high level api). 
> My only concern is that I have experienced difficult to 
> reproduce hangs and odd behavior (very rarely, but none the 
> less), using WinOLE. I really only use it against Excel and 
> in my case it is not a big deal as it is easy to stop and 
> restart and things generally then preform as expected. Has 
> anyone else ever encountered this type of behavior? (or is it Excel
> specific?)
> pth

Although I haven't experienced the problems you describe personally, I
don't doubt you.  I know there are bugs in win32ole, and that library
could probably use a major refactoring.

If someone on this list ever felt like doing a rewrite of win32ole, I
certainly wouldn't mind.  I'd be happy to host it, too. :)

In the meantime, I've committed a pure Ruby version of win32-shortcut to
CVS (look for it in the toplevel directory, not under the win32utils
directory).  I took Jano's basic patch and expanded it to match the
current API, although there are some minor differences, mostly

- The Shortcut.new method now takes a block, yields self, and
automatically calls Shortcut#save at the end of the block.
- The Shortcut#icon_number method is gone (not supported).  Pretty
useless method anyway, really.
- The Shortcut#hotkey method now takes a more human readable string
instead of a hex value.  Nicer.
- The Shortcut#show_cmd method was renamed Shortcut#window_style, as per
Jano's request (with an alias for b.c.)
- The Shortcut#window_style accessor now accepts/emits human readable
strings, as well as constants.
- The Shortcut.open method is more or less the same as Shortcut.new,
since pointing to an existing shortcut opens it by default - no special
code required.



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