[Win32utils-devel] Need some help with latest win32-mmap

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> > 
> > In other news, it looks like I need to set a default size for 
> > MMap.open.
> > What sounds reasonabl? 1k?
> I haven't tried this myself, and judging from the MSDN docs it's also
> not entirely clear that it will work, but: Try using zero(0) 
> as the size
> when calling MapViewOfFile, and then use VirtualQuery to retrieve the
> size of the view.

Actually, I changed MMap.open to accept a hash of options that's simply
forwarded on to MMap.new (though the name is still a required argument),
so you can specify the size that way.  However, I think you're right
and, if it's possible, I'll do a VirtualQuery() to try to get the size
of the view when MMap.open is used if a size isn't specified explicitly.
That seems like a much friendlier way to go. :)

> If you want to persist the values, use a file as the backing store
> (could be an optional feature, e.g. :name => '/path/to/filename' ).

Well, there is a separate :file option.  I'm not sure I want to try to
guess whether :name refers to a file or not.  Or have I misunderstood?
> Oh, and use the "Global\" prefix for map names if you intend to share
> the data between different terminal server sessions (Win2k 
> and upwards).
> But I guess you already do that internally.

It will be up to the programmer to know details like that for the :name
option, though I can copy/paste the relevant section out of the MSDN

Thanks for the feedback.

- Dan

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