[Win32utils-devel] win32/service... still with problems.

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> Actually, after the do nothing! you should see "Leaving 
> Service Main", which don't happen (don't see why in your 
> setup don't, but here it do, winxp).

I didn't see it because your 'log' method was defined outside of your
daemon class.  In fact, your script works just fine once you move those
methods within the Daemon class itself.  Attached is the script I'm
using.  Here was the output:

2006-05-22 11:58:09 - ** Dead Simple Service starting...

2006-05-22 11:58:11 - ** Done initialization.

2006-05-22 11:58:11 - Entering Service Main
do nothing!

2006-05-22 11:58:49 - Leaving Service Main

(I added some spaces there since Outlook is joining them into a single
string for some reason).

Hope that helps.


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