[Win32utils-devel] win32/service... still with problems.

Berger, Daniel Daniel.Berger at Qwest.com
Mon May 22 12:53:48 EDT 2006

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> Hello list,
> In my quest to get Mongrel working as service for win32, 
> found some problems with win32/service that make it 
> impossible to solve.
> Attached is the simplest service script I could do with ruby, 
> which depends on win32/service.
> I found that doing anything complex in service_stop (killing 
> threads, doing file handling, even sleeping for 0.25 
> seconds). crash the service with backtraces (of the service) 
> like this:
> dead_service.rb:119:in `service_main': uninitialized constant RUNNING
> (NameError)
> 	from U:/Programming/Sources/ruby/try/dead_service.rb:131

Where does this backtrace go?  I don't see anything like that when I
tail the log file:

2006-05-22 10:38:48 - ** Dead Simple Service starting...
2006-05-22 10:38:50 - ** Done initialization.
2006-05-22 10:38:50 - Entering Service Main
do nothing!

I have no idea why you're seeing that error.  I don't see it.

There are a couple of issues with your script (which may actually be
issues with our sample script).  You should re-raise exceptions or exit
when one of the commands fails.  For example:

rescue Win32::ServiceError => err
   puts "There was a problem installing the service:"
   puts err

Should be:

rescue Win32::ServiceError => err
   puts "There was a problem installing the service:"
   puts err

Otherwise, you'll be dropping into a later part of the script, which is
probably not what you want.
> Or: I'm doing something wrong (in which case please enlighten 
> me) or there is something wrong on how the threading model is 
> implemented? (and the mix of C threads with ruby threads).

I think one thing you'll want to avoid is having a Daemon calling
methods outside of itself, as you're doing with the 'log' method there,
which may be the source of the problem.  Although the example we ship
with the win32-service package mixes the command line stuff with the
actual Daemon code, in practice I separate the actual Daemon class and
the controller script into separate files.  It's a good sanity preserver
I've found.


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