[Win32utils-devel] win32/service... still with problems.

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Mon May 22 12:00:36 EDT 2006

Hello list,

In my quest to get Mongrel working as service for win32, found some
problems with win32/service that make it impossible to solve.

Attached is the simplest service script I could do with ruby, which
depends on win32/service.

I found that doing anything complex in service_stop (killing threads,
doing file handling, even sleeping for 0.25 seconds). crash the
service with backtraces (of the service) like this:

dead_service.rb:119:in `service_main': uninitialized constant RUNNING
	from U:/Programming/Sources/ruby/try/dead_service.rb:131

Just commenting the sleep command solves that problem, but leaves
other issues there... like the impossible task of killing running
threads (from a ThreadGroup, as example).

Also, removing the while state == RUNNING loop solves the sleep and
file handling issues, but still exist problems with already running
threads that must be killed/stopped.

Or: I'm doing something wrong (in which case please enlighten me) or
there is something wrong on how the threading model is implemented?
(and the mix of C threads with ruby threads).

Thanks in advance for your time,


Luis Lavena
Multimedia systems
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