[Win32utils-devel] A quick announcement

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 18:10:42 EST 2006

Hi all,

In light of Curt's decision to use VC++ 6 to build the latest one click 
installer, along with what are undoubtedly future compatibility problems 
between old and new compilers, I think it's best if we try to move over 
the simpler packages to a pure Ruby solution using Win32API.  I have 
started that process by releasing pure Ruby versions of win32-clipboard 
and win32-sound.

In addition, I've started the process of moving these packages into the 
toplevel CVS directory, instead of under a common win32utils directory.  
The latter falls into the 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' 
category, where I thought it would make creating a single distro 
easier.  Now I just think it's a pain.  So, over the course of the next 
couple months I'll be moving stuff around.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "I told you so" right about now.  My 
apologies in advance for the nuisance. 



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