[Win32utils-devel] service_cli.rb

Stephen Haberman stephenh at chase3000.com
Wed Nov 30 21:51:29 EST 2005


I just got done using win32/service to run a very small/hack-ish "Riki"
WEBrick service. Very cool stuff. Thanks.

So, in the process, I noticed a lot of the "control" start/install/etc.
command line parser stuff looked a bit boilerplate, so I pulled it out into
a helper function "service_cli" (for lack of a better name).

Its simple, but it allows me to do away with a Riki-specific control script.
So I can just do:


$LOAD_PATH.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__)
require 'service_cli'

class RikiDaemon < Win32::Daemon
  def self.setup(s)
    s.binary_path_name = "ruby #{__FILE__} --service"

service_cli('Riki', RikiDaemon)


So now the "control" and "daemon" functions are both handled from the same
generic script (I added an odd but effective command line parameter of
--service which means its getting started by win32 and should call

And now "service_cli.rb" is just generic code I could potentially reuse
across other services.

So, I dunno, perhaps this is too simple or utility-ish, but it has the
potential to remove ~50 lines of boilerplate control/command line code, so I
thought maybe I'd send it in and see if it was interesting enough to include
in the distribution.

(Also, I apologize if you're getting this twice, but I sent this about a
week ago but from an email address other than the one I signed up to the
list for, so it likely did not go through. Since then, I have added a
-a/--standalone flag for easily starting the service_main/service_stop for
debugging purposes and thought I'd submit it again.)

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