[Win32utils-devel] win32-changejournal 0.2.0-1 compile error

Zach Dennis zdennis at mktec.com
Tue May 3 19:51:00 EDT 2005

Berger, Daniel wrote:
> Again, it appears that several constants are simply not defined in the
> VC++ 6.0 header files.  Unfortunately, it also appears that certain data
> structures, such as DELETE_USN_JOURNAL_DATA, are also not defined.
> That means that, unless someone has a better idea, there's nothing I can
> do about it except make a note in the README file.

If you compile the shared library on your box and email it to me, won't 
it most likely be able to run fine on my box? Is there a violation with 
distributing binaries instead of making users compile their own shared 


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