[Win32utils-devel] Compilation errors

Shashank Date sdate at everestkc.net
Sun Feb 27 18:20:00 EST 2005

Hi Wayne,

Wayne Vucenic wrote:

>Hi Shashank,
>I don't know if this will fix your __ftol2 error, but I notice that in
>your INCLUDE and LIB paths, the Platform SDK is the second entry.  I
>always set these paths so the Platform SDK is the first entry, because
>the Platform SDK contains Microsoft's latest stuff, often in the form
>of modified include files and/or libraries, so the search paths should
>be set to find these in the SDK first.
Exactly right ! I figured it out just minutes after I sent my earlier
email. Thanks for the tip anyway.
I now have the one-click installer ready for testing. Let me know if
anybody is interested in giving it a spin.
Please beware that I am still not done with full testing of each
module.... and I am seeing some problems already (in win32-file,
win32-service, win32-shortcut etc).

Dan: I will publish the full report shortly

So the one-click installer will definitely change ...
-- shanko

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