[Win32utils-devel] Compilation errors

Shashank Date sdate at everestkc.net
Sun Feb 27 09:34:02 EST 2005

Hi Park,

>I have no idea on the first win32-pipe error.
>In my platform, it compiles fine.
I had this same error while compiling ruby 1.8.2 and I posted on 
ruby-talk #124452
But nobu told me that I was using the wrong method to fix it. I still do not
know how to do it correctly or what I am doing wrong.
It apears that I am using the wrong runtime libraries.

Can you please look at that ruby-talk thread and see if you get any clue?

>You can fix the second win32-taskscheduler error by
>replacing taskscheduler.h line 51
> return ((log(day)/log(2))+1);
> return ((log((double)day)/log((double)2))+1);
That worked. Thanks!

>Park Heesob.
-- shanko

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