[Win32utils-devel] [ANN] win32-driveinfo in CVS

Berger, Daniel Daniel.Berger at qwest.com
Fri Feb 11 10:27:21 EST 2005

Hi all,
> > Why do you think we should emulate Mike's filesystem API ? 
> How about 
> > giving Mike a chance to emulate windows filesystem?

There was a thread started by Tim Ferrell (ruby-talk:129645) about disk
usage.  That led to a discussion about a Windows version and how it
would be ideal if we could make the API identical across platforms, so
that's what inspired me.  If we can do it, great.  If it isn't
practical, then I understand that as well.

> > 
> > Anyway, my work is just a porting of Perl module and it should stop 
> > here. You can modify,reimplement, rename or even drop my work.
>                                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> You guys must have a love-hate relationship. Why drop 
> perfectly good work?
> Zach

Heh - I'm not going to drop his work - it's far too valuable!  I'll
probably just alter it a little.  We've gone through this before - he
hammers out the backend and I hammer out the frontend. :)

Also keep in mind that English is not Heesob's native language, so
sometimes things come across a little more harshly than they actually

Anyway, I'll take a closer look this weekend.  I lost a day yesterday
after taking a rather nasty spill while skiing.  Ouch.



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