[Win32utils-devel] [ANN] win32-driveinfo in CVS

Park Heesob phasis at nownuri.net
Tue Feb 8 10:21:08 EST 2005

Hi Dan,
> Hi Heesob,
> I have a couple problems with this.
> First, I guess I didn't tell you, but I'm opposed to using Ruby/DL for
> any of our packages.  It's just not stable, and has 64-bit issues that
> are effectively unresolvable.  This could be a problem very soon with
> 64-bit Windows on the horizon.  You can read about Jamis Buck's negative
> experience with Ruby/DL at
> http://www.jamisbuck.org/jamis/blog.cgi/programming/ruby/Disappointments
> %20in%20Ruby%20Land_20041230165456.tx
> Contrary to whatever Matz has said about Win32API being deprecated, I am
> officially declaring Ruby/DL dead for Win32Utils development and
> Win32API to be the preferred choice for any pure Ruby development.  If
> the Win32API package is ever removed from core Ruby, I will fork Ruby.
> This is not an attack on you Heesob.  I should have mentioned this on
> the list sooner, so it's my fault.  I hedged for a while on the issue
> because I wasn't sure what the future held with regards to Win32API vs.
> Ruby/DL.  Now that Ruby/DL has proven to be unreliable, I can be more
> confident in sticking with Win32API.
> That being said, I won't force you to rewrite it.  Just keep in mind
> that all bugs, feature requests, etc, will be directed to *you*. :)
It is test release of driveinfo.
There might be many problems with Ruby/DL as you said.
At least in my test, it works fine :)
I hope the ruby developer make Ruby/DL more reliable in the next version.
If you feel unhappy with this package, don't announce it.

> Second, I was hoping to keep the API similar to Mike Hall's "filesystem"
> package.  Did you determine that it just wasn't feasible?  I made a
> comment about it on the Feature Request.  If we can't make it
> compatible, that's fine, but I thought we should at least try.
I think filesystem is only suitable for *nix, not for windows.
If you are sure for compatible package, let me know what's the correspondent of 
struct MNTENT or struct statvfs.


Park Heesob

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