[Win32utils-devel] [ANN] win32-changejournal 0.1.0 in CVS

Park Heesob phasis at nownuri.net
Fri Feb 4 22:59:56 EST 2005

Hi all,

I committed win32-changenotify 0.3.0 to CVS.

What is it?
 A class for monitoring events related to files and directories.
 require "win32/changejournal"
 include Win32
 # Indefinitely wait for a change in 'C:\' and any of its
 # subdirectories.  Print the file and action affected.
 cj = ChangeJournal.new('C:\')
 cj.wait{ |info|
  p info.file_name
  p info.action
Try and give some comments, please.


Park Heesob

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