[Win32utils-devel] question about changejournal

Stephen Haberman stephen at exigencecorp.com
Wed Dec 21 22:20:47 EST 2005

> You can just use 'while true' at the end of the block, e.g.
> cj = ChangeJournal.new("C:\\")
> cj.wait{ |array|
>    array.each{ |info|
>       p info.action
>       info.file_name
>    }
> } while true
> Voila! Your own changejournal server!

Very spiffy. Thanks for the tip. That "while true" is good stuff.

Next time you update the changejournal docs, you might think of including
that snippet, as I imagine other users might have the same question I did.

> BTW, it's alright that you posted here, but for general help 
> questions I prefer that folks use the 'help' link on the 
> RubyForge project page.

Ah, gotcha--being a mailing list junky, I didn't even think of looking for
forums, but I'll remember that for future reference.

As far as the full path, it looks like our vendor is being super-responsive
and so we don't need our rename hack anymore. Which is good, I suppose,
though it was going to be a great excuse to show off a Ruby and its win32
support (e.g. a 20 line win32 service+file watcher compared to the more
"verbose" Java/C# solutions), to the other devs in our shop. Maybe next
time. :-)


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