[Win32utils-devel] win32-process + ruby-breakpoint=strangebehavior

Park Heesob phasis at nownuri.net
Sat Aug 13 20:40:22 EDT 2005


> On 8/11/05, Park Heesob <phasis at nownuri.net> wrote:
>> PS. I'm working on libgmailer for now . it is almost same as libgmailer 
>> for
>> PHP
>> (http://gmail-lite.sourceforge.net/ ).
>>  It is almost done except for sending message with attachments.
>>  What do you think about this? It might be useful?
> Interesting.  Are you working on some sort of Ruby interface for
> gmail?  Or just on gmail-lite itself?
> Dan
I think the libgmailer is a libary module, but gmail-lite is an application.
I'm working on libgmailer library module not gmail-lite.

I found this module is equivalent to Perl's Mail::Webmail::Gmail module.


Park Heesob 

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