[Win32utils-devel] Screen capture, save to file

Paul Rogers paul.rogers at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 27 23:45:09 EDT 2005

As soon as possible is always the answer ;-)

No, whenever is fine. The code that Park Heesob and yourself posted will
be fine for a while. As soon as there is on ethat doesn't need paint,
we'll switch

Thanks for even looking into it!


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Hi Dan,

Berger, Daniel wrote:

>I reassigned feature request #872 to you. :)
>(Port of Win32::Screenshot)
Great !!

>Unless you object, that is.  By all means, feel free to use Win32API 
>rather than C code (which is what the Perl module uses).
Win32API will be easier for me to tackle so I will work in it first. But
then I also want to get my hands dirty in Ruby-C and with your (and
Park's) help learn a thing or two. So I will end up doing that too.

>That is, unless you don't want this assignment. :)
I will love to do this unless there some urgency ... you may want to ask
the requestor how long he/she is willing to wait. It could be a while (a
couple of months) before I get around to it. Many high-pri things

-- shanko

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