[Win32utils-devel] RE: Another Interesting "Problem" with Win32-EventLog

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Tue Oct 19 10:35:19 EDT 2004

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> From: Joey Gibson [mailto:joey at joeygibson.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 6:11 AM
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> Subject: Re: Another Interesting "Problem" with Win32-EventLog
> Daniel Berger wrote:
> >After getting home from work today I tried again on my home machine.
> >My "System" log has over 1700 messages in it, but a test script with
> >no failure.  I intentionally wrote several hundred event log messages
> >to my application log - about 2500 in total - and I still 
> couldn't get
> >it to fail.
> >  
> >
> My Application log (the one that I'm trying to work with) has 2084 
> records in it.
> >So, my gut feeling now is that it's not the quantity of 
> messages, but 
> >something about one message in particular that's causing it to crash.
> >  
> >
> I ran my test and wrote down the record number of the last one that 
> showed up in the file. I will wait a little while until there 
> are some 
> more records (or I may add some myself...) and see if that 
> number comes 
> up again.
> Is there any way to just grab a particular record instead of 
> iterating 
> the entire collection?

I *thought* you could do
EventLog.read(source,server,EventLog::SEEK_READ,record_num), but it's
always coming back nil for me.  Hm...another test to add.

> I notice that the EventLog class doesn't mixin 
> Enumerable; was this by design or is it a consequence of 
> having C code 
> underneath? Just wondering.

I don't that it makes sense to mixin Enumerable - where should "each" be
defined?.  However, I can tell you that in the next release the
EventLog#read will return an array in non-block form.  So, you can
enumerate over the returned array, e.g. EventLog.read.each or
EventLog.read[23] or whatever.
> >Is there any chance you can narrow down a particular message it's 
> >failing on?  Is it always at the same point?  Perhaps 
> something about 
> >the quantity or formatting of the event description is causing a 
> >problem.
> >  
> >
> I'll let you know as soon as I have some more results.

My suggestion would be to find the record number it's failing on, and
copy/paste the description (as well as any other information) via the
Event Viewer GUI into an email. :)



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