[Win32utils-devel] RE: Another Interesting "Problem" with Win32-EventLog

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Mon Oct 18 12:16:04 EDT 2004

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> Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 10:07 AM
> To: Berger, Daniel
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> Subject: Re: Another Interesting "Problem" with Win32-EventLog
> Berger, Daniel wrote:
> > I cannot duplicate this on my Windows XP Pro box here at work. 
> > However, the largest eventlog size I have is 518 records (in 
> > "System").
> Yeah, I've got many thousands of records in the Application event log 
> because I've been under attack for close to two weeks now. 
> The purpose 
> of writing this script was to pull out the records I needed 
> so I could 
> delete them from the eventlog... :-)
> >It's possible that there's a subtle bug in our code that 
> only manifests 
> >itself if you iterate over a high number of records.  Is there any 
> >chance you could provide a backtrace?
> >
> How would I do that? When the thing dies it prints the message I 
> included in my first email, and then returns to the command line.

Hmm...good question.  I've done it with gdb on Unix systems but never on
Windows.  Anyone out there know how to do that?

Also, please do me a favor and download 0.2.3 and run the
tc_eventlog.rb.  I'm guessing it will fail, too, but I just want to make
sure.  If it does, please log it as a bug on our RubyForge project page.



PS - Which compiler are you using?

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