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Thu Oct 14 10:52:28 EDT 2004

Hi again Joey,

Well, the bad news is that I don't think I'll get a release out until
this weekend.  The good news, however, is that I think I see what the
problem is.

It looks like a problem in LoadLibraryEx() in eventlog.h.  It seems that
szExeFilePath can, in fact, actually contain a semicolon-separated list
of files, rather than just a single file name.  Since LoadLibraryEx()
doesn't understand anything more than a single file name, it fails.

I went back and looked at the Perl source, and it appears that it
actually checks for the presence of a ";" character in the string before
calling LoadLibraryEx(), and splits the string into an array of strings,
checking each one in turn until one succeeds.  Or maybe it just checks
the first one - I need to go back and look.

Anyway, we'll get it fixed as soon as possible.



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Berger, Daniel wrote:

>I'm not subscribed to the list here at work, so I'm replying to you 
>directly - hope that's ok.

Perfectly fine.

>At the moment I'm not sure what the workaround is.  I will get this 
>fixed ASAP, though.  Hopefully tonight, with a release out tomorrow 

Man, that's service! Thanks. :-)

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