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Thu Nov 18 10:08:28 EST 2004

> Let's try that again, without Hotmail's crappy formatting.
> Dan,
> I am one of the developer of the FreeRIDE project (the Ruby IDE) and I'm
> in charge of the FreeRIDE debugger with which we have had a number of
> problems on Windows now mostly due to the clunky implementation of
> IO/Process/Signal stuff on Win32. I recently came across your Win32
> utils package and investigated the use of win32 process as a replacement
> for the native Ruby implementation. I currently have a problem which is
> the following: Somewhere in my code I have this:
> require 'win32/process'
> command = "start CMD /K ruby -e 'while true { sleep 0.1; }'"
> @inp = @out = IO.popen(command,"w+") # this is the regular Ruby popen
> #.... getting the pid of the ruby process (pid variable)
> Process.waitpid(pid)
> puts "Process stopped"
> exit
> When I run this code I always get the following error:
> waitpid: no child process (Process::Win32::ProcessError)
> I suspect that the reason for that is because the command I run actually
> starts a CMD.exe program which in turn starts a ruby program.  The
> waitpid call operates on the pid of the ruby program which is not the
> child but the grand-child of the current process. If I use the standard
> Ruby waitpid it works well. Do you see how I can solve this problem?
> Shall I use Process.create with CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE flag instead of the
> IO.popen method? Would this work better?  Any advice is welcome.
> Thanks for your help
> Laurent
> --
The Process.waitpid of Win32::Process is only usable for pids generated by Win32::fork call.
Win32::Process handles it's own array of pids not compatible with ruby native array of pids.
So you cannot mix Win32::Process.wait and IO.popen.


Park Heesob

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