[Win32utils-devel] Re: Win32, file descriptors and rb

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Tue Nov 16 19:23:23 EST 2004

Hi Dan,
> Hi Park,
> On a side note, any clue as to why Nobu's suggestion doesn't seem to
> work?  I tried his suggested patch of sending a second argument.  It
> compiles fine, and I don't get any warnings, but it simply doesn't seem
> to write anything to a file when I tried.
> See my note on the ML for more details.
Use this code instead of case:
  if(dwAccess & FILE_ALL_ACCESS)
         args[1] = INT2FIX(O_RDWR);
   else if(dwAccess & GENERIC_READ)
         args[1] = INT2FIX(O_RDONLY);
   else if(dwAccess & GENERIC_WRITE)
         args[1] = INT2FIX(O_WRONLY);
   else if(dwAccess)
         args[1] = INT2FIX(0);


Park Heesob

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