[Win32utils-devel] Re: Win32, file descriptors and rb_io_check_writable()

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Tue Nov 16 03:49:37 EST 2004

>Thank you very much Park.  There is one curious difference I noticed
>with the write operations.  It seems that there is a line ending issue
>between a file descriptor opened with File.open vs File.nopen.  You
>can see this easily enough by doing something like this:
>fh1 = File.open("test1.txt","w+")
>fh1.print "hello\nworld\n"
>Open this up with notepad - looks fine.  Now try this:
>fh2 = File.nopen("test2.txt",nil,nil,File::OPEN_ALWAYS)
>fh2.print "hello\nworld\n"
>Opened with notepad, you'll see that the line endings aren't the same
>(although wordpad handles them properly).  I guess I should find an
>octal dump tool for windows to verify.  Hopefully, you'll see what I
Sorry if you receive this message again.
My mail account seems to be messed.

That is due to detault translation mode.

   RFILE(self)->fptr->mode = rb_io_mode_flags("w+");
   RFILE(self)->fptr->f = rb_fdopen(NUM2INT(args[0]),"w+");
in case of TEXT MODE.



Park Heesob

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