[Win32utils-devel] Problems with DeviceIoControl()

win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org
Mon Nov 8 01:25:29 EST 2004

Hi Dan,

> Wayne, I saw your note on using _fileno, but I don't
> think I need it here, do I?

No, it doesn't look like you need to use _fileno.  Yesterday I took a quick
look at Ruby's file.c code, and it looked to me that it was using a
FILE* instead of a fileno, so I thought it might be necessary to first use
_fileno to get a fileno to be able to use the function Park pointed
out.  But based on your code it looks like you directly have access to
fileno, so _fileno isn't needed.

I'll try to run some experiments with DeviceIoControl(), and if I
learn anything useful, I'll let you know.

Take care,

Wayne Vucenic

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