[Win32utils-devel] rdoc, ri and gems

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Wed Nov 3 19:37:41 EST 2004


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>So, based on the above, the advantage you list here is moot.  
Oh, great ! So we will be able to put the samples in the 
c:\ruby\samples\win32utils folder then. That is really wonderfull!

>It may, however, be easier for someone to automate
>the installation of libraries if they're available as RubyGems.  And it's
>really easy to upgrade.  I think there's something to be said for having
>the same interface for installing as many libraries as once.  

>All in all, you guys are really creating some good stuff.  Regardless of
>what the _best_ solution is, I would be thrilled to see this stuff
>installable as gems.
Thanks. It will be ... very soon.

>One last thing I left out is that when Curt goes to Gems-based
>installation of libs for the one-click installer, having these as Gems
>will really help to get you integrated into that project, which would be
Splendid !!

Thank you,
-- Shashank

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