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Wed Nov 3 13:39:40 EST 2004


win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've been going over the chapters on RDOC and gems lately.  I think we
>should probably work on making the code in Win32Utils "rdoc" friendly.
>I've started doing this with 'win32-ipc' as an experiment.
This is a very good idea !

>This probably means some directory reorganization, because I think gems
>looks for extensions in an 'ext' directory, whereas we have everything
>under 'lib' for now.  I'll change that if I have to.  I may also move
>the 'examples' subdirectory to the toplevel.
During the Conference, Chad and Jim had very patiently explained to me 
the process of creating gems (thanks a lot, Chad, Jim) and Jim has shown 
me how I could use rake to automate the build.

I was planning to put it all together before our next release but the 
thought languished. But I remember Chad mentioning to me that if we have 
a one-click installer then we do not need the gems (and vice-versa).
Not that it matters though, since we can (and should) always  offer both 
options :-)
The one-click installer has a slight advantage in that we can put our 
sample/test files in any folder of our choice which is not (yet) 
possible using gems. Or is it?
Dan, I will like to build on the code (gemspec/rakefile) I had written 
at the conference if it is OK by you.
Let me know...

>I'm in no big hurry to do this, however.  I'm not finding rdoc to be
>very flexible or friendly and some things don't work the way I think
>they ought to.  Also, I know this probably means delaying another
>release of the installer.  However, I like the ri documentation, so if
>that means switching to rdoc over rd, so be it.  I plan on keeping the
>.txt and .rd files around, though.
Yes, no hurry (especially when I have not much time for a couple of 
weeks ;-)).

>I'll use win32-ipc as an experiment and see how it goes.
Cool ! Keep up the good work.

-- Shashank

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