[Win32utils-devel] namespace for File, Process?

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Sun Mar 21 10:14:08 EST 2004


> Hi all,
> A user on IRC expressed an opinion that I've been considering myself.
> is, for the Win32::File and Win32::Process classes, simply extend the
> existing File and Process classes, i.e. don't put them under the Win32
> namespace.  That way, you don't have to explicitly state
> Win32::File.hidden?, for example.  You could just do File.hidden?.
> I guess for Process, that would mean putting fork under Kernel.
> What do you think?
For fundamental classes like File and Process classes, It is better to
request standard Ruby distribution include extension libraries for Win32
File and Process.
And I'd like to see Ruby can handle native Win32 thread function with Ruby
thread method also.


Park Heesob

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