[Win32utils-devel] Re: [OT] outwit - unixlike tools for windows

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Mon Mar 15 13:16:16 EST 2004

"Martin DeMello" <martindemello at yahoo.com> wrote in message
> Looks like a *very* useful addition to the windows toolbox - contains
> programs to manipulate the clipboard, registry, ODBC layer and a few
> other windowsy things using the unix 'take input from other programs,
> format output so it can be piped to other programs' philosophy.
> From the examples:
> winclip -p | perl -pe "tr/[A-Z]/[a-z]/" | winclip -c
> Converts the contents of the Windows clipboard to lowercase.

Good Idea !

The win32-clipboard module of win32utils may make writing such utility a
If you care to volunteer, please join us at:
We are making every attempt to make it feature full and complete.

--- shanko

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