[Win32utils-devel] Re: win32-service ideas

win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org
Sun Jan 25 09:19:04 EST 2004

>From: "Park Heesob" <phasis at nownuri.net>
>To: "Shashank Date" <sdate at everestkc.net>, <djberg96 at hotmail.com>
>CC: <win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org>
>Subject: Re: win32-service ideas
>Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 16:41:32 +0900
>In my computer, I can't reproduce timeout error. :-)
>I have committed service.c adding some error checking code.
>In Running
>ruby test2.rb start
>Service task error messages dump to c:\svc.log
>Please test and report me the svc.log contents.
>Park Heesob

Still nothing.  The svc.log file never gets created.  It's definitely 
choking on the StartService() call.

I double checked to make sure that I had administrator privileges, so that's 
not it.  This may be a long shot, but can you please post your local user's 
PATH and the administrator's PATH?  I've read some posts online that both 
the calling program and the script itself must be in the admin's path.



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