[Win32utils-devel] More on etc and other stuff

win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org
Wed Feb 25 07:04:06 EST 2004

I seem to have gotten the bugs worked out of win32-etc.  It seems it had
to do with using WCHAR vs LPWSTR.  Once I used AllocWideLString() vs
AllocWideString() everything seemed to work ok.

One question I have now is this - should I always use AllocWideLString()
instead of casting like (LPCWSTR)STR2CSTR(rbVal); ?  It would seem so,
but I'm not sure.

Also, I've committed the "add_group" function, but on my box at home I
got "access denied" when I tried to actually add a group.  Any help on
that appreciated.

One final note - I've started cleaning up the various tc_* scripts for
the sake of the installer that Shashank is working on.  I'll keep you
posted on when they're done.



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