[Win32utils-devel] win32-process 0.3.1 is out

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Fri Dec 10 15:37:35 EST 2004

Hi Aslak,

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> Thanks Dan, much appreciated.
> I have some other patches coming up soon :-) Here is what I'd 
> like to do (expressed as a unit test since I am a TDD 
> zealot). This relies on the soon-to-be popen4.
> require 'test/unit'
> require 'timeout'
> require "win32/open3"
> require 'win32/process'
> class Process2Test < Test::Unit::TestCase  
>   def test_can_timeout_native_function
>     timeout(2) do
>       pid = nil
>       begin
>         Open4.popen4("notepad") do |stdin, stdout, stderr, pid|
>           Process.waitpid2(pid)        
>         end
>         fail("Should have timed out")
>       rescue Timeout::Error => expected
>         Process.kill(-9, pid) if pid        
>       end
>     end
>   end
> end
> The problem is - the timeout never happens and the test 
> program blocks until notepad is closed manually.
> Any idea how to implement this so that the timeout can 
> happen? I am assuming the problem is related to the blocking 
> nature of WaitForSingleObject, and that we can't interrupt 
> it. Do we have to introduce some threads and mutexes and and 
> such from the win32 api to deal with this?
> Cheers,
> Aslak

As is, I don't think that code can work on Win32.  The only answer I can
think of would be to allow a timeout value as the second argument to the
waitpid and waitpid2 methods.  So, instead of having INFINITE hard coded
as the second argument to WaitForSingleObject, for example, you could do
Process.waitpid2(pid,2), and the 2 (x1000, since the 2nd arg is
milliseconds) would be passed as the 2nd argument to the
WaitForSingleObject() function internally.

That seems a reasonable compromise to me, though I worry about breaking
too much with the way things work on *nix.  Thoughts?

- Dan

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