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> In my previous mail the last line was supposed to be:
> "It turns out I probably won't use fork unless support FOR 
> STREAMS is added to it."
> aslak

Ah, ok.

As for open4, it was originally included in Park's win32_popen package
(which became win32-open3).  I didn't include open4 (or open2) initially
because I just wanted to get something out the door quickly with a
unified API.

Now that we've had an actual request for it, I'll merge it back into
win32-open3 asap (along with open2).  I'll also compare your patch to
Park's current implementation and see if there are any advantages to
either.  Or perhaps they're virtually identical.  Look for a release
this week.

Now, about passing a separate environment to the child - you know, I've
never done that and if you were to press me (press, press!) I would have
to admit that I don't know how to do that, evn in *nix, because I've
never needed to.  I guess I'm a bad programmer.

In Windows, the 7th argument to CreateProcess() allows you to specify an
environment, or NULL to use the current environment.  Currently,
process_fork() just passes NULL.  Should we allow an optional hash
argument to specify the environment for forked children?

Thoughts anyone?



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