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Wed Apr 28 20:21:36 EDT 2004

> Hi all,
> I recently had a question on win32-event and win32-ipc on IRC, so I thought 
> I should get around to documenting it.  I had a couple questions, though.  
> First, what does one do with an IPC object?  I originally thought this would 
> be a module that you mixed in but it appears to be a class.  Second, does 
> anyone have a good example of how to use win32-event (using the CVS 
> version)?
> I could really use a good example for OSCON. :)
As you know, it is adopted from Perl's Win32::IPC 
Refer to CPAN document:
Win32::IPC - Base class for Win32 synchronization objects
This module is loaded by the other Win32 synchronization modules. You shouldn't need to load it yourself. It supplies the wait functions to those modules.

I think win32-event is useful in multi-thread programming.
You can apply it to an application using win32-process, win32-service etc.

Park Heesob

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