[Win32utils-devel] win32-taskscheduler alpha

win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org win32utils-devel at rubyforge.org
Sun Apr 25 00:32:00 EDT 2004

> Well, I'm going to release the first version of win32-taskscheduler today.
> For now, I've kept the API about the same as it originally was because I
> spending way too much time futzing around and I wanted to get something
> the door.

Great !

> For now, I'm calling this a BETA release, with the API subject to change.
> See the 'Future Plans' section of the docs if you want to know what some
> my plans are.

Do you want me to include it in the one-click installer then ?

Speaking of which, I am just about ready to compile it and have you guys
give it a spin. Only one request: please rename the test files in all
to be more explicit than just test.rb. That way I can include them as
and not have any name conflicts. Currently, I am going to skip installing
the "samples" directory.

Let me know ...
-- shanko

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