[Weft QDA users] PDF import question

Alex Fenton alex at pressure.to
Mon Aug 15 11:38:59 EDT 2005

Hi Jen

Glad that solved the immediate problem.

You're right that PDFs are imported as text only. This is because Weft 
deliberately uses plain text rather than formatted text for storage, 
coding and display, unlike most recent commercial CAQDAS packages. This 
makes the application much more straightforward to write and use, but 
doesn't help if you want to work with formatted text ;).

I personally haven't ever found much practical use for formatted text in 
my own analyses, so I'm always interested to learn more about situations 
where it is desirable. There might be another way around the problem. 
Incidentally, I'm not aware of any CAQDAS packages that support 
formatted import from PDFs.

You're also right that the PDF import works best with flowing text (eg 
journal articles) at the moment, as it can jam lines together in outline 
formats. I'm hoping that this can be improved in future versions.

best wishes

~J. Ruocco~ wrote:

>Hi Alex, 
>Ok, that seemed to do the trick!  But...no formatting - :(
>I imported a .pdf that was in an outline format and after
>importing, all the lines run-together.
>No worries, that might be asking for too much at this stage!
>Thanks for the fix!
>--- Alex Fenton <alex pressure.to> wrote:
>>Hi Jen
>>Thanks for reporting this bug. I've had a chance to look a little 
>>further into what the problem might be. I have found a bug where Weft 
>>QDA will crash if there is a space in the name of the PDF file or any of 
>>the folders that contain it. On windows, this would usually include any 
>>files on the desktop or in "My Documents" folders.
>>This bug will be fixed in the next release. Until then, you can work 
>>around it by moving the PDF files to a folder/directory without spaces 
>>in the name (eg "C:\mypdfs") and renaming the individual files so they 
>>don't have spaces either.
>>Would this explain the problems you've found? If not, let me know, and 
>>we can try with some sample documents.

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