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Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Wed Sep 19 08:55:51 EDT 2007

From: Thomas Leitner <t_leitner at gmx.at>
Date: 24. August 2007 14:40:34 GMT+02:00
To: Andrea Ferro
Subject: Re: some doubts

On 23.08.2007, at 19:34, Andrea Ferro wrote:

> There can be a mixed approach. I'll study it a bit keeping in mind  
> support for multiple instances. And also of multiple threading (but  
> my experience with ruby multithreading is not very extensive and  
> for what I've experienced robust multithreading is not exactly the  
> number one selling point of ruby. And AFAIK Mongrel's own Zed Shaw  
> would agree there's room for improvement).

I did not really mean multithreading, but just a separation of  
multiple WebSite instances which can run indepently. Just like one  
can use several String instances in one or multiple threads.

> The parameter access implementation is another of my doubts. But I  
> did not mention it yet. Actually "a facility that automatically  
> executes code when a parameters value changes" is not terribly hard  
> to do. Think listener.rb, for example. But there's more to  
> parameters than adding listener. The problem you are having with  
> Node (that really should be Webgen::Node) and it's caching behavior  
> may be addressed with listener but I'm not sure that's the very  
> best approach. I'll do some reasoning on this too.

Okay, will also think a bit more about this.

>> Concerning documentation: I want to separate developer and user  
>> documentation, meaning that a webgen or plugin developer should  
>> find everything in the RDoc documentation and the user should find  
>> everything he needs in the user documentation generated by webgen  
>> and available on webgen.rubyforge.org. I'm still struggling a  
>> little bit with the general structure of the user documentation,  
>> however, I will try to add a first draft as soon as possible.
> I agree. I've seen there's no user level documentation in devel at  
> the moment. It generally is a good idea to keep documentation in  
> sync during development. But in this case I think doing our best at  
> the "developer" documentation is the priority. In fact I think that  
> any actual information that goes in the user docs should also go in  
> the developer's docs. User docs may have a different  form, have  
> examples and tutorials etc. But the "logic" of the system should go  
> in both doc sets. That is it should go in the devel docs first and  
> extracted
>> from there when the user docs are being prepared. This is why a
> little delay in preparing user docs is actually allright. After all  
> whoever is going to "use" the system before it's released, should  
> look at the sources anyway.

There is some user level documentation: I have tried to keep the  
plugin documentation current. What I plan is to move some of the  
plugin documentation (especially much of the current plugin  
documentation for Core/FileHandler) to the general user documentation.

-- Thomas

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