[Vit-discuss] icon for Oxygen icon theme / KDE 4

David Vignoni david at oxygen-icons.org
Thu May 17 21:02:22 EDT 2007


I'm the art director of the Oxygen icon theme, wich is next KDE 4 default theme.
Right now we are drawing the mimetypes icons for the many programming languages.
I would like to use the Ruby logo for the Ruby document icon.

Unfortunately Oxygen will be released as LPLG (v3 probably), and that might be in 
contrast with the CC license adopted for your wonderful logo.

I subscribed to see if there is any chance to get a permission to use the logo 
under LGPL license.

If not we will draw another different ruby.


links: www.kde.org www.oxygen-icons.org

David Vignoni
Oxygen icon art director

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