[Vit-discuss] ruby-lang translation: French?

Jean-Denis Vauguet jd at typhon.org
Mon Sep 18 09:15:26 EDT 2006

Curt Hibbs wrote:

> On 9/17/06, Jean-Denis Vauguet <jd at typhon.org> wrote:

>> That's why I hereby make the proposal of ruby-lang being translated in
>> French and maintained up to date by the core of Ruby France volunteers
>> :) By "proposal", I mean... "what do you think?" and "how could I start
>> this?"

> We would definitely welcome this. Why don't you organize your group of
> French volunteers, pick one person to be the lead and then send us the
> list.

> Then we'll add your group to the VIT-core mailing list, get the site's CMS
> setup for a French version, and then authorize the members of your group to
> post content.

Thank you, Curt.

Well, I issued an appeal for volunteer on our mailing list, but I
already can itemize three persons:
- Jean-Denis Vauguet (me, aka jd), lead, jd at typhon.org
- Fre'de'ric Logier (aka fredix, chair of Ruby France), fredix at gmail.com
- Laurent Sansonetti (aka lrz), laurent.sansonetti at gmail.com

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