[Vit-discuss] ruby-lang translation: French?

Jean-Denis Vauguet jd at typhon.org
Sun Sep 17 17:24:46 EDT 2006

hi VIT!

First, congratulations for the work you've done. It's more a complete
spring-cleaning than simply a CSS refresh.

You might know the French community is pretty active around Ruby, and
our association, Ruby France (http://www.rubyfr.org and
http://www.rubyfr.net), tries to both translate and produce content
(tutorials, poignant guide, ri, rhg, ...).

You also must know French people, well, suck at speaking and reading
English (not to mention 日本語 ;).

That's why I hereby make the proposal of ruby-lang being translated in
French and maintained up to date by the core of Ruby France volunteers
:) By "proposal", I mean... "what do you think?" and "how could I start

Sincerely yours,

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