[Vit-discuss] a number of small corrections/edits for the new site

John Gabriele jmg3000 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 12:47:08 EDT 2006


The new site looks great!

I sent a few comments about it to webmaster _at_ ruby-lang last night,
but James suggested that it might be useful to post them here. So,
here's what I've got:

On the "To Ruby From Java" page
it says:

| there's different GUI toolkits. Ruby users can try WxRuby, FXRuby,
| or the bundled-in Ruby Tk for example.

You very probably want to add Ruby-GNOME2
http://ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp/ to that list, as it's definitely
one of the big ones.

On the "To Ruby from C and C++" page
it says:

| Ruby is strongly typed.

but to keep the writing style consistent, you might want to change
that to "objects are strongly typed (and variable names themselves
have no type at all)."

In the "To Ruby from Perl" page

change "ruby" to "Ruby" in "(and you can put any ruby code you like".

On the "To Ruby from Python" page, you very likely want to change:

| the usual style comments on the line(s) above things, instead of
| docstrings below them, are used for generating docs.

to, "the usual-style comments on the line(s) above things (instead of
docstrings below them) are used for generating docs."

On the documentation page http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/documentation/,
sub!(/Comming/, 'Coming').

Regarding the "About" page on the new site, it says:

| Ruby is a language of tremendous balance.

but that word doesn't seem to fit very well there, IMO. You might
consider sub!(/tremendous/, 'delicate').

Hm... As long as I'm nit-picking, ;), in the very first paragraph on
the page, you probably want to remove that superfluous comma in "And,
yet". Actually, in obeyance of the Law of Conservation of Commas, you
could always just *move* the comma instead and place it after the word
"Ada" in the next paragraph down. :)

Also, in the last bullet at the bottom of the page, you likely want to
change "Linux" to "GNU/Linux", because, in addition to being developed
primarily on machines running the Linux kernel, Ruby is of course
built using GCC, the autotools, and GNU libc. This is especially
relevant since the bullet item is regarding the actual development of

I just noticed: there's no mention of the Ruby license anywhere on the
new site at all.

You might add a link to the license page directly from the download
page, right at the end of that first short paragraph.

There's only one remaining part of the site that sticks out to me as
looking unfinished. Look at he "Libraries" page
(http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/libraries/). The command line I/O
snippets probably should be syntax highlighted in some way, possibly
similar to (but not too similar to) the code snippets. (I like a
darkish (but not too darkish) background, with the stuff the user
types showing up in bold.)

Again, very nice site! Thanks!


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