[Vit-discuss] Ruby compared to other languages...

Matt Todd chiology at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 22:46:42 EDT 2006

> I understand the desire, but I would argue against it for three reasons:
> 1) Have you seen how little screen real-estate there is for code
> snippets? There's barely enough for the Ruby code alone; no room for
> putting a comparison in there.

That's addressed by the relatively short lengths of the code (taking
the front-page samples, for instance) and displaying Ruby first and
then the secondary language, second.

> 2) Let's celebrate Ruby. Poking fun at other languages' syntax just gets
> down in the mud.

Actually, I meant no fun by it, but a real-world comparison of how
Ruby compares to others. For instance, in the previous example, you
see how Ruby treats things as objects, but PHP decidedly does not.

> 3) I'd rather not potentially confuse a newcomer who _might_ see such
> code from another language and say "Ewww, that's Ruby? Gross."

If they are at these pages already, I believe that they are already in
tune with a comparison and will look at the labels if they have
troubles clarifying. I may be giving our readership too much credit,
but the sheer fact that they are on the page that they are on is
because they are curious. I think it's good that we go over the
different philosophical et al differences, but I don't think it's
enough unless we actually _show_ them a tiny sample of what's


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